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Your Life to Live Your Way

Heritage Pointe is the ideal place to start the next chapter of your journey. Our community offers a wide variety of services and amenities to satisfy a variety of tastes, and our lively event calendar always has stimulating new experiences on the horizon.

We strive to help all residents enjoy comfortable and convenient lives. Our caregivers are ready to meet your needs, help you pursue your goals, and provide you with a lifestyle you’ll enjoy every single day.

A Long History of Service

Heritage Pointe Senior Living is proud to be a part of Lifespark Senior Living. As one of 30 distinct communities spanning the United States of America, we stand in a great tradition of quality care and service.

Lifespark Senior Living began as a small group of communities in 1989 and has continued setting new standards for comfortable and accessible senior living ever since. All Lifespark communities promote wellness and quality of life so our residents can enjoy dignity, purpose, and meaning.

Our Mission

To Enrich the Lives of Those We Serve.

Our Commitments

Respect Everyone for Who They Are & Who They May Become

All people are unique, and everyone is worthy of respect. Our team treats you with the dignity you deserve, regardless of your past, present, or future.

We recognize that your life experiences have made you who you are. Our services are curated to accommodate a broad range of beliefs and values so every resident can feel at home with us.

There is no reason to hesitate when you need something from us. Our team is always standing by to listen, find solutions, and take action.

What Makes Lifespark Senior Living Communities Different?

Our calendar of events keeps the community you live in vibrant and exciting. Meet your neighbors, grow your interests, stay active, and learn new things. Join the circle whenever you wish, and keep an eye on what’s happening.

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Lifestyle begins with a choice, but you’re never tied down to what you chose yesterday. Take stock of what you want out of life, and let us know whenever you need a change of pace.

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Our staff is trained and oriented to serve as pillars of your community. We take the time to make sure they’re here for you when you need them, and scarce when you don’t. Trust in our staff, and let us take care of things as best suits you.

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Where to Find Us

Where to Find Us

Our community is located just off 4th Street North and the intersection of West Redwood Street.


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  • Executive & Marketing Director:

Sara Dolan

[email protected]

Our Address

207 N 4th St
Marshall, MN 56258

Call Us Today

Phone: 507-337-4330

Hours of Operations

8 AM5 PM
8 AM5 PM
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