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Can Diabetes Cause Memory Loss?

A senior woman smiling and checking her blood sugar level using a glucometer and test strip at home

While the most common concern with diabetes is regulating blood sugar, it can have many other complications, making it important to communicate with your caregivers or medical professionals to help lessen the risk of developing further medical problems. This has led people to wonder whether or not diabetes can cause memory loss. When unregulated or […]

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When to Move to Senior Living

Happy senior couple at senior community

If you or a loved one are considering senior living, it is important to first understand the lifestyle options that are available. Senior living communities are often made up of multiple service levels that focus on differing or specialized needs. At Heritage Pointe Senior Living, we are proud to offer independent living, assisted living, enhanced […]

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5 Ways Community Living Helps Seniors

Being independent and free is a value that we all cherish, but whether it’s because of new-age or we’re just looking for a change of scenery, many of us begin to look into the benefits of living with others. Lifesprk Senior Living is founded on community support and positive senior experiences, and we pride ourselves […]

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